Table 8.

Information theory analysis software package comparisons.

Software packageInformation measuresData typesDynamic information capabilities? (ensemble methods from multiple trials)Significance testing?Advanced probability distribution estimation methods and/or bias correctionLanguage
Neuroscience Information Theory ToolboxEntropy, mutual information, transfer entropy, partial information decomposition, information transmission, conditional variantsDiscrete and continuousYesYesNoMATLAB
JIDT (Lizier, 2014)Entropy, mutual information, transfer entropy, information storage, conditional variantsDiscrete and continuousYesYesYesJAVA (with Python and MATLAB functionality)
Inform (Moore et al., 2017)Entropy, Mutual Information, Transfer EntropyDiscreteYesNot directlyNoC (with Python functionality)
Transfer Entropy Toolbox (Ito et al., 2011)Transfer entropySpike trains onlyNoNot directlyNoMATLAB
Trentool (Lindner et al., 2011)Transfer entropyPrimarily continuousYesYesYesMATLAB
MuTE (Montalto et al., 2014)Transfer entropyPrimarily continuousNoYesYesMATLAB
ToolConnect (Pastore et al., 2016)Entropy, transfer entropySpike trains onlyNoYesNoC++
STAToolkit (Goldberg et al., 2009)Entropy, mutual informationSpike trains onlyNot directlyYesYesMATLAB
PyEntropy (Ince et al., 2009)Entropy, mutual informationDiscrete and continuousNot directlyNot directlyYesPython
Information Breakdown Toolbox (Magri et al., 2009)Entropy, mutual information, breakdown informationDiscrete and continuousNot directlyNot directlyYesMATLAB
ITE Toolbox (Szabo, 2014)Entropy, mutual informationDiscrete and ContinuousNot directlyNot directlyYesMATLAB and Python
dit (dit-contributors, 2018)Entropy, mutual information, and many moreDiscreteNot directlyNot directlyNoPython
  • We examined ten other information theory software packages and recorded important features for users. Many packages are either focused on transfer entropy alone or entropy and mutual information calculations. Many packages include advanced estimation and bias correction techniques, unlike the neuroscience information theory toolbox.