Table 2.

Equations and parameters for the single-compartment sEIF model

Membrane potential V Embedded Image
Leak current Embedded Image
Spike-generating (depolarizing) current Embedded Image
Potential reset after spiking Embedded Image when Embedded Image
Intracellularly injected current Embedded Image (default)
Membrane capacitance density Cm1.0 μF/cm2
Leak conductance density GL0.1 mS/cm2
Leak reversal potential EL-65.3 mV
Threshold for spike-generating current VT-60.2 mV
Slope factor of the spike-generating current KT3.5 mV
Spike-detecting threshold Vspike+15 mV
Reset potential Vreset-65.3 mV (same as EL)
Refractory period τref2.8 ms