Table 2.

Summary of the notable correlations between maternal and offspring measures taken in the present study. Correlations were grouped into 4 families to apply the B-H adjustment for multiple comparisons

GroupingCorrelationTreatmentUnadjusted p valueB–H adjusted p value
Maternal-maternalCXCL1-dam weight 8 hSaline0.280.40
CXCL1-dam weight 24 hSaline0.0630.19
CXCL1-dam weight 48 hSaline0.300.40
Maternal-neonateDam temp 8 h-pup mass PND1Saline0.360.36
Dam weight loss 48 h-pup mass PND1Saline0.350.36
Neonate-behaviorPup mass-% oddity preferenceSaline0.160.32
Pup mass-locomotorPolyI:C0.810.81
Pup mass-TTC LRPolyI:C0.250.33
Maternal-behaviorDam weight 8 h-locomotorPolyI:C0.320.64
Dam weight 48 h-locomotorPolyI:C0.460.69
Dam weight 8 h-TTC LRPolyI:C0.990.99
Dam weight 8 h-TTC LRPolyI:C0.890.99
CXCL1-TTC LRPolyI:C0.250.64
  • The unadjusted p values (α = 0.05) are presented alongside the false discovery rate (Benjamini–Hochburg) corrected p values. Significance in each column is indicated with an asterisk (*). TTC RL = trials to criterion late reversal; locomotor = distance traveled following MK-801 administration in the locomotor activity task.