Table 1.

Details of fly stocks used in the study.

Fly strainsSourceRRID
w 1118BDSC #5905BDSC_5905
Pdfr 5304BDSC #33068BDSC_33068
Pdfr 3369BDSC #33069BDSC_33069
Pdfr (B) GAL4Paul TaghertBDSC_68215
Cry-39 GAL4Todd HolmesN/A
Dvpdf GAL4Michael RosbashN/A
Pdf GAL4Todd HolmesBDSC_6900
Clk 9M GAL4Fumika HamadaBDSC_41810
Clk 4.1M GAL4BDSC #36316BDSC_36316
Clk 4.5F GAL4BDSC #37526BDSC_37526
201y GAL4BDSC #4440, NCBSBDSC_4440
c309 GAL4BDSC #6906, NCBSBDSC_6906
c747 GAL4BDSC #6494, NCBSBDSC_6494
30y GAL4BDSC #30818BDSC_30818
Dilp2 GAL4Amita SehgalN/A
Kurs45 GAL4Gunter KorgeN/A
Kurs58 GAL4Gunter KorgeN/A
Mai281 GAL4Gunter KorgeN/A
Mai301 GAL4Gunter KorgeN/A
121y GAL4BDSC #30815BDSC_30815
c5 GAL4BDSC #30839BDSC_30839
c119 GAL4BDSC #30824BDSC_30824
c232 GAL4BDSC #30828BDSC_30828
Ddc GAL4BDSC #7009BDSC_7009
TH GAL4BDSC #8848BDSC_8848
Tdc2 GAL4BDSC #9313, NCBSBDSC_9313
Npf GAL4Charlotte Helfrich-ForsterBDSC_25682
UAS Pdfr RNAiVDRC, KK/110677N/A
UAS dicerBDSC #24651BDSC_24651
UAS PdfrPaul TaghertN/A
TH-A GAL4Gaiti Hasan and Mark WuN/A
TH-C' GAL4Gaiti Hasan and Mark WuN/A
TH-C1 GAL4Gaiti Hasan and Mark WuN/A
TH-D' GAL4Gaiti Hasan and Mark WuN/A
TH-D1 GAL4Gaiti Hasan and Mark WuN/A
TH-D4 GAL4Gaiti Hasan and Mark WuN/A
TH-F2 GAL4Gaiti Hasan and Mark WuN/A
TH-F3 GAL4Gaiti Hasan and Mark WuN/A
TH-G1 GAL4Gaiti Hasan and Mark WuN/A
Pdf LexAMichael RosbashN/A
LexAop spGFP11/Cyo;UAS spGFP1-10/TM6BAmita SehgalN/A
Pdfr MycPaul TaghertN/A
LexAOp CD8 GFP-2A-CD8GFP;UAS mLexA VP16 NFAT,cdc1(H-2,LexAOpCD2GFP/TM6,TbBDSC #66542, NCBSBDSC_66542
UAS NachBacTodd HolmesBDSC_9467
UAS dORKNC1Todd HolmesN/A
UAS Htt Q0ATodd HolmesN/A
UAS Htt Q128cTodd HolmesN/A
UAS reaperPaul TaghertN/A
UAS PKARDaniel KalderonN/A
UAS PKACADaniel KalderonN/A
  • BDSC, Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center, Bloomington, Indiana; NCBS, National Center for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India; VDRC, Vienna Drosophila Resource Center, Vienna, Austria. TH-subset GAL4s that were generated in Mark Wu’s lab were obtained from Gaiti Hasan.