Table 6.

ANOVA+D analysis of the E2-triggered percentage changes in frequency, amplitude, rise, and decay τ of mPSCs, respectively, measured in proestrus pm, proestrus pm+PHTPP, proestrus pm+intraPHTPP, proestrus pm+CPTIO, proestrus pm+PP2, and proestrus pm+LY294002

Fdfpp (Dunnett’s post hoc test)
Frequency4.343500.0026bPro pm vs PHTPP0.0033b
Pro pm vs intraPHTPP0.0060b
Pro pm vs CPTIO0.0151b
Pro pm vs PP20.0201b
Pro pm vs LY2940020.0103b
Rise τ0.6889500.6344b--
Decay τ0.8241500.5392b--
  • df = degree of freedom of ANOVA test of percentage data.

  • F = F values of ANOVA-test of percentage data.

  • p = p probability values of ANOVA or Dunnett’s test of percentage data.

  • Pro = proestrus; Met = metestrus; am = morning; pm = afternoon PHTPP = ERβ antagonist; intraPHTPP = intracellularly applied ERβ antagonist; CPTIO = NO-scavenger; PP2 = Src kinase inhibitor; LY294002 = PI3K inhibitor.