Table 4.

ANOVA+D analysis of percentage changes in frequency, amplitude, rise, and decay τ of mPSCs, respectively, measured in proestrus pm, proestrus am, and metestrus pm

Fdfpp (Dunnett’s post hoc test)
Frequency7.9114320.0017bPro pm vs Pro am0.034b
Pro pm vs Met pm0.0009b
Rise τ0.2374320.7901b--
Decay τ0.0494320.9518b--
  • df = degree of freedom of ANOVA test of percentage data.

  • F = F values of ANOVA test of percentage data.

  • p = p probability values of ANOVA or Dunnett’s test of percentage data.

  • Pro = proestrus; Met = metestrus; am = morning; pm = afternoon.