Table 5.

ANOVA+D analysis of frequency, amplitude, rise, and decay τ values of the control periods of mPSCs, respectively, measured in proestrus pm, proestrus am, and metestrus pm

Fdfpp (Dunnett’s post hoc test)
Frequency4.8850320.0146bPro pm vs Pro am0.015b
Pro pm vs Met pm0.036b
Rise τ0.7290320.4907b--
Decay τ0.1574320.8550b--
  • df = degree of freedom of ANOVA test of percentage data.

  • F = F values of ANOVA test of percentage data.

  • p = p probability values of ANOVA or Dunnett’s test of percentage data.

  • Pro = proestrus; Met = metestrus; am = morning; pm = afternoon.