Table 1.

Statistical table

FigureData structureStatistical testStatistical significance (α)
1BCategorical dataχ20.05
1CNormal distributionMixed ANOVA0.0167
1DNormal distributionMixed ANOVA0.0167
1ENormal distributionOne-way ANOVA0.0167
1FNormal distributionOne-way ANOVA (129, BALB and B6 strains), independent t test (D2 strain)0.0167
1GNormal distributionOne-way ANOVA0.0167
1HNormal distributionOne-way ANOVA0.0167
1INormal distributionOne-way ANOVA (group comparisons), mixed ANOVA (within-group comparison of weight before and after CSDS)0.0167
4A–FNormal distributionMixed ANOVA0.003 (B6)
0.01 (D2)
4H,INormal distributionOne-way ANOVA0.0167
5A–LNormal distributionGeneralized estimating equations (GEEs)0.0167
  • Outline of statistical tests and significance levels applied for each experiment.