Table 3.

Statistical analysis

LocationData StructureType of TestComparison95% confidence interval
aNon-normally distributedt testVehicle vs. PGE2–0.6862 to –0.2728
bNon-normally distributedt testPGE2 vs. PGE2 + APDC0.1317 to 0.618
Non-normally distributedt testVehicle vs. PGE2 + APDC–0.2736 to 0.06428
cNon-normally distributedt testVehicle vs. PGE2–0.5774 to –0.2563
dNon-normally distributedt testPGE2 vs. PGE2 + APDC–0.4204 to 0.2717
Non-normally distributedVehicle vs. PGE2 + APDC–0.7953 to –0.1871
eNon-normally distributedRegressionVehicle vs. PGE2 vs. PGE2 + APDC–0.1178 to 0.1284
fCategoricalChi-squareda0.5621 to 0.8235
gMouse: non-normally distributedt testMouse vs. human–15.17 to –13.08
Human: normally distributed
hCategoricalChi-squareda2.653 to 4.769
iCategoricalChi-squareda1.846 to 3.855
jCategoricalChi-squareda1.047 to 1.967
  • The D’Agnostino and Pearson normality test was performed, when applicable.

  • aOdds ratio confidence interval reported.