Table 2.

Ensemble decoding performance and ensemble size when decoding target location for each recording session in both animals

Recording sessionMaximum BE performance (%)BE size at maximum performanceBE size at 90% of maximum performanceMaximum BSU performance (%)BSU size at maximum performanceBSU size at 90% of maximum performanceTotal n
Monkey R
    Day 186.6755880.001033116
    Day 287.5552686.12271194
    Day 390.8398389.88527116
    Day 493.3469492.011228136
Monkey S
    Day 160.6911155.653047112
    Day 260.9345959.4856173
    Day 363.4112159.30703177
    Day 461.57154857.32115761
    Day 557.73156154.3015568
  • Detailed list of what the maximum decoding accuracy was and at which ensemble size it was achieved, measured separately for the BE and BSU methods. Because the estimates are noisy and the decoding performance saturates, the ensemble sizes at which 90% of the maximum performance were achieved are also listed. The data are divided up into the individual sessions recorded from each animal. Decoding performances between ensemble types as well as ensemble sizes were compared across the nine sessions using Wilcoxon signed-rank tests (p < 0.05).