Table 2.

Statistical table

AnalysesVariableTestData structureType of testPower
ACC distribution in children and adultsLeft patternaBinomialχ2 test0.07
Right patternbBinomialχ2 test0.26
Pattern asymmetrycBinomialχ2 test0.33
IFC distribution in children and adultsLeft patterndBinomialχ2 test0.31
Right patterneBinomialχ2 test0.07
Pattern asymmetryfBinomialχ2 test0.29
Correlation IFC and ACCPattern asymmetrygBinomialχ2 test0.08
Stroop RT and IFC and ACCCondition: conflict vs non-conflicthNormalF test0.99
Age: children vs adultsiNormalF test0.99
Interaction: condition × agejNormalF test0.99
IFC: asymmetry vs symmetrykNormalF test0.18
ACC: asymmetry vs symmetrylNormalF test0.25
Interaction: IFC asymmetry × conditionmNormalF test0.57
Interaction: ACC asymmetry × conditionnNormalF test0.51
Interaction: ACC asymmetry × age × conditionoNormalF test0.15
Interaction: IFC asymmetry × age × conditionpNormalF test0.05
Stroop RT and ComplexityComplexityqNormalF test0.15
Interaction: complexity × agerNormalF test0.15
Interaction: complexity × conditionsNormalF test0.22
Interaction: complexity × condition × agetNormalF test0.05
Stroop RT and OTCInteraction: OTC asymmetry × conditionuNormalF test0.17