Table 2.

Parameters and properties used in MCell simulations

DA diffusion coefficienta4.00 × 10−6cm2/s
Vesicle release probabilityb0.06
Average firing rate of DA neuronsc4.00Hz
DA released per release event d3250n
OF → OF* rate constant (k12)e9.60 × 106M−1s−1
OF* → IF* rate constant (k23)e20.00s−1
IF* → IF rate constant (k34)e5.00s−1
IF ↔ OF forward rate constant (k41)e2.00s−1
IF ↔ OF reverse rate constant (k14)e8.00s−1
Total axonal surface areaf337.16μm2
Uniform DAT surface density, ρ(DAT)f,g8001/µm2
High DAT surface density, ρh(DAT)f,h6,3391/µm2
Low DAT surface density, ρl(DAT)i501/µm2
Very high DAT surface density, ρh2(DAT)j30,0001/µm2
DA density of neurons, IDA9.3μg/cm3
Ratio of the total DA released per AP, R0.05%
Density of DA terminals, ρterm0.1041/μm3
  • a From Rooney and Wallace (2015).

  • b Reported in Dreyer et al. (2010)

  • c See Dreyer et al. (2010).

  • d See Pothos et al. (1998).

  • e Estimated from molecular computations.

  • f Derived from Block et al. (2015).

  • g Case 1 in Fig. 2.

  • h High-density region in case 21; see Fig. 2.

  • i Low-density region in cases 2–4.

  • j Very-high-density region in cases 3 and 4.