Table 1.

Quantitative strengths of specific input connections to proximal, intermediate, and distal CA1 pyramidal neurons

IpsilateralContralateralIpsilateralIpsilateralContralateralMedian RapheMS-DB
CA3aCA3bCA3cCA3aCA3bCA3cLECMECSubPre/Para SubpCA1mCA1dCA1
Proximal CA1
    Average CSI4.003.141.891.791.200.700.491.510.310.530.
Intermediate CA1
    Average CSI2.612.321.
Distal CA1
    Average CSI0.611.230.600.340.760.430.980.451.330.
  • Note that the input connection strength index (CSI) is defined as the ratio of the number of labeled presynaptic neurons in a specified structure versus the number of starter neurons. In each injection condition, 5–6 cases of Picospritzer-injected brains are taken for quantifications. The average number of starter neurons of Picospritzer injected cases are 126 ± 17 (proximal CA1 injections), 136 ± 32 (intermediate CA1 injections), and 80 ± 14 (distal CA1 injections). In addition, 4 cases of iontophoretic injected brains for each condition are included for quantification. The average numbers of starter neurons of iontophoretic injected cases are 21 ± 4 (proximal CA1 injections), 27 ± 5 (intermediate CA1 injections), and 26 ± 4 (distal CA1 injections). pCA1, proximal CA1; mCA1, intermediate CA1; dCA1, distal CA1; MS-DB, medial septum and diagonal band. See Table 1-1 for detailed statistical comparison results.