Table 1.

Potential measurements discussed at the Ei2 workshop that could enhance a seizure-forecasting algorithm

• Mood*• Stress*• Compliance
• Cortisol• Fatigue*• Illness*
• Orexin• Irritability*• Food/alcohol intake
• Patient self-prediction*• Sex hormones• Orientation (cognitive)
• Electrical dermal activity• pH (brain)• Gait
• Heart rate• Time of day*• Finer movements
• Temperature/weather• Antiepileptic drug levels• Ketones
• Respiration• Blood oxygen• Speech
• Sleep cycle changes (sleep/wake staging)• Inflammatory markers• Body Temperature
• Sleep quality• Glucose
• External environment
  • These measurements could be collected in numerous ways. An asterisk indicates those that could be captured by patient diary, others could be measured through smartphone, biosensors, or through sweat collection.