Table 2.

Statistical analyses of the blind tracking task in experiment 3

EffectDimensionTarget-hand delayInterceptSlope
Session mainFrontal0.4370.5173.9370.06310.7290.004
Group mainFrontal0.0320.8600.0540.8192.2330.152
Session–group interactionFrontal2.9490.1032.3220.1451.1100.306
  • For each of the target-hand delay, the intercept, and the slope measures, and for each of the frontal and sagittal dimensions of the tracking path, we fitted a two-way mixed-effect ANOVA model, with the measure as the dependent variable, one between-participants independent factor (Group: two levels, Abrupt and Gradual), and one within-participants independent factor (Session: two levels, Post No Delay and Post Delay). The reported values for each measure are the F ratio, with the corresponding factor and residuals degrees of freedom in parentheses (left column), and the corresponding p-value (right column). Bold text indicate significant effects.