Table 3.

Pairwise linear correlations and p-values of the distributions of frontal and temporal inputs for pairs of striatal regions

Injection site 1Injection site 2rp (two-tailed)
VsvMedial VSd0.410.02
VsvCentral VSd0.360.05
VsvLateral VSd0.532.1 × 10−3
VsvDorsal caudate–0.190.30
Medial VSdCentral VSd0.410.02
Medial VSdLateral VSd0.692.0 × 10−5
Medial VSdDorsal caudate–0.080.67
Central VSdLateral VSd0.585.7 × 10−4
Central VSdDorsal caudate–0.060.73
Lateral VSdDorsal caudate0.210.26
  • Pairwise linear correlations were calculated between the distributions of input percentages from 31 frontal and temporal areas examined (see Table 2) for pairs of striatal regions. Two-tailed p-values were obtained with Fisher’s r-to-t transformation and Student’s t-distribution. Degrees of freedom = 29. Same cases as in Fig. 7.