Table 1.

Statistics of cell counts in manually and automatically labeled volumes

AnnotationCells,nAreaVolume (% of mm3)Density (105/mm3)
V0-A097(2136, 2060)0.061.63
V0-A196(1489, 1499)0.061.28
V0-Xbrain94(1983, 2123)0.061.57
V1-A0321(1997, 2035)2.51.28
V1-Xbrain302(1983, 1963)2.51.21
V2-A12103(1416, 1301)0.061.72
V2-Xbrain112(1918, 1963)0.061.87
V3-Xbrain240(1419, 1385)0.21.20
Vtot-Xbrain48, 689(1454, 138)421.02
  • The first column of the table displays the name of the volume (V0, V1, V2, and V3) as well as the annotator: manual annotator (A0, A1, A2, A3) or automated annotation (X-BRAIN). In the second and third columns, the number of detected cells and the area (mean, median) of annotated cell bodies (number of labeled voxels) are described. Volumes (percentage of cubic millimeters) of all the reported subvolumes are in the fourth column. Finally, we report the density of each subvolume in the fifth column. Note that V0, V1, and V2 are all manually annotated volumes used to train and tune our automated methods. V3 is a held-out test set whose location was unknown during training and tuning the parameters of the algorithm. NA, not applicable.