Table 4.

Reliability of excitatory responses

ComparisonTestp valueMedian control (C)Median mint (M)Median hexanal (H)
Ratio of successful trialsC; N = 225M; N = 268H; N = 369
All odors combined; all groupsKruskal--Wallis<0.0001111
All odors combined; C vs MDunn's<0.000111
All odors combined; C vs HDunn's<0.000111
All odors combined; H vs MDunn's0.083611
AP all groupsKruskal--Wallis<0.00010.7511
AP; C vs MDunn's<0.00010.751
AP; C vs HDunn's<0.00010.751
AP; H vs MDunn's0.002911
EB all groupsKruskal--Wallis0.0181111
EB; C vs MDunn's0.015111
EB; C vs HDunn's0.547611
EB; H vs MDunn's0.235111
Hexanal 1%; all groupsKruskal--Wallis0.0596111
Hexanal 1%; C vs MDunn's0.782111
Hexanal 1%; C vs HDunn's0.056211
Hexanal 1%; H vs MDunn's0.646411
Hexanone; all groupsKruskal--Wallis0.1165111
Hexanone; C vs MDunn's0.127711
Hexanone; C vs HDunn's0.366811
Hexanone; H vs MDunn's>0.999911
IAA 1% all groupsKruskal--Wallis0.0902111
IAA 1%; C vs MDunn's0.443111
IAA 1%; C vs HDunn's0.086711
IAA 1%; H vs MDunn's>0.999911
MS 1%
all groups
MS 1%; C vs MDunn's0.06210.751
MS 1%; C vs HDunn's0.01440.751
MS 1%; H vs MDunn's>0.999911
PA all groupsKruskal--Wallis<0.00010.7511
PA; C vs MDunn's<0.00010.751
PA; C vs HDunn's<0.00010.751
PA; H vs MDunn's0.001911
THA all groupsKruskal--Wallis<0.00010.7511
THA; C vs MDunn's<0.00010.751
THA; C vs HDunn's<0.00010.751
THA; H vs MDunn's0.958811
MS 5%; all groupsKruskal--Wallis<0.00010.7511
MS 5%; C vs MDunn's<0.00010.751
MS 5%; C vs HDunn's<0.00010.751
MS 5%; H vs MDunn's>0.999911
MS 10%; all groupsKruskal--Wallis<0.00010.7511
MS 10%; C vs MDunn's<0.00010.751
MS 10%; C vs HDunn's<0.00010.751
MS 10%; H vs MDunn's>0.999911
Hexanal 5%; all groupsKruskal--Wallis0.0016111
Hexanal 5%; C vs MDunn's0.481511
Hexanal 5%; C vs HDunn's0.001411
Hexanal 5%; H vs MDunn's0.103111
Hexanal 10%; all groupsKruskal--Wallis0.0001111
Hexanal 10%; C vs MDunn's0.000111
Hexanal 10%; C vs HDunn's0.002911
Hexanal 10%; H vs MDunn's0.8111
IAA 5%; all groupsKruskal--Wallis<0.0001111
IAA 5%; C vs MDunn's0.002611
IAA 5%; C vs HDunn's<0.000111
IAA 5%; H vs MDunn's0.495611
IAA 10%; all groupsKruskal--Wallis0.0007111
IAA 10%; C vs MDunn's0.000711
IAA 10%; C vs HDunn's0.0111
IAA 10%; H vs MDunn's0.837411
  • Comparisons of excitatory response reliability from control, mint-, and hexanal-exposed groups. Data shown in Figure 6.