Table 1.

Comparisons of excitatory response amplitude, 1% odorant concentration

ComparisonTestp valueSignificantMedian control (C)Median mint (M)Median hexanal (H)
Peak ΔF/F amplitudeC; N = 225M; N = 268H; N = 369
IAA 10%
all groups
IAA 10%; C vs MDunn's<0.0001Yes0.2160.3547
IAA 10%; C vs HDunn's<0.0001Yes0.2160.3697
IAA 10%; H vs MDunn's0.0967No0.35470.3697
IAA 1%; all groupsKruskal--Wallis<0.0001Yes0.20180.23890.3306
IAA 1%; C vs MDunn's0.0745No0.20180.2389
IAA 1%; C vs HDunn's<0.0001Yes0.20180.3306
IAA 1%; H vs MDunn's0.0001Yes0.23890.3306
AP all groupsKruskal--Wallis<0.0001Yes0.10810.18370.2822
AP; C vs MDunn's<0.0001Yes0.10810.1837
AP; C vs HDunn's<0.0001Yes0.10810.2822
AP; H vs MDunn's<0.0001Yes0.18370.2822
MS 10%
all groups
MS 10%; C vs MDunn's<0.0001Yes0.10260.1961
MS 10%; C vs HDunn's<0.0001Yes0.10260.2566
MS 10%; H vs MDunn's0.0143Yes0.19610.2566
IAA 5%; all groupsKruskal--Wallis<0.0001Yes0.14040.23860.2973
IAA 5%; C vs MDunn's<0.0001Yes0.14040.2386
IAA 5%; C vs HDunn's<0.0001Yes0.14040.2973
IAA 5%; H vs MDunn's0.0023Yes0.23860.2973
Hexanal 1%; all groupsKruskal--Wallis<0.0001Yes0.24090.34210.4718
Hexanal 1%; C vs MDunn's<0.0001Yes0.24090.3421
Hexanal 1%; C vs HDunn's<0.0001Yes0.24090.4718
Hexanal 1%; H vs MDunn's0.0001Yes0.34210.4718
EB all groupsKruskal--Wallis<0.0001Yes0.22620.32540.3204
EB; C vs MDunn's<0.0001Yes0.22620.3254
EB; C vs HDunn's<0.0001Yes0.22620.3204
EB; H vs MDunn's0.6847No0.32540.3204
MS 1%; all groupsKruskal--Wallis<0.0001Yes0.11670.16410.1933
MS 1%; C vs MDunn's0.0028Yes0.11670.1641
MS 1%; C vs HDunn's<0.0001Yes0.11670.1933
MS 1%; H vs MDunn's0.0026Yes0.16410.1933
PA all groupsKruskal--Wallis<0.0001Yes0.07330.20040.2511
PA; C vs MDunn's<0.0001Yes0.07330.2004
PA; C vs HDunn's<0.0001Yes0.07330.2511
PA; H vs MDunn's0.0244Yes0.20040.2511
MS 5%; all groupsKruskal--Wallis<0.0001Yes0.07770.17960.2503
MS 5%; C vs MDunn's<0.0001Yes0.07770.1796
MS 5%; C vs HDunn's<0.0001Yes0.07770.2503
MS 5%; H vs MDunn's<0.0001Yes0.17960.2503
Hexanone; all groupsKruskal--Wallis<0.0001Yes0.31850.41610.421
Hexanone; C vs MDunn's<0.0001Yes0.31850.4161
Hexanone; C vs HDunn's<0.0001Yes0.31850.421
Hexanone; H vs MDunn's0.8052No0.41610.421
Hexanal 10%; all groupsKruskal--Wallis<0.0001Yes0.24380.37680.3778
Hexanal 10%; C vs MDunn's<0.0001Yes0.24380.3768
Hexanal 10%; C vs HDunn's<0.0001Yes0.24380.3778
Hexanal 10%; H vs MDunn's0.9975No0.37680.3778
THA all groupsKruskal--Wallis<0.0001Yes0.11710.21830.2415
THA; C vs MDunn's<0.0001Yes0.11710.2183
THA; C vs HDunn's<0.0001Yes0.11710.2415
ThA; H vs MDunn's0.2795No0.21830.2415
Hexanal 5%; all groupsKruskal--Wallis<0.0001Yes0.27580.35340.5212
Hexanal 5%; C vs MDunn's0.0001Yes0.27580.3534
Hexanal 5%; C vs HDunn's<0.0001Yes0.27580.5212
Hexanal 5%; H vs MDunn's<0.0001Yes0.35340.5212
  • Statistical test results of excitatory response amplitudes of cells from control, mint-, and hexanal-exposed groups in response to odorants at 1% concentration. Data shown in Figure 3.