Table 3.

Proportion of excitatory responses

ComparisonTestp valueSignificantMedian control (C)Median mint (M)Median hexanal (H)
Ratio of excitatory responsesC; N = 14M; N = 14H; N = 14
All odorsANOVAp < 0.0001Yes0.880.92350.9377
All odors; C vs MTukey'sp < 0.0001Yes0.880.9235
All odors; C vs HTukey'sp < 0.0001Yes0.880.9377
All odors; H vs MTukey'sp = 0.1313No0.92350.9377
Ratio of activating
C; N = 225M; N = 268H; N = 369
All groupsKruskal--Wallisp < 0.0001Yes131414
C vs MTukey'sp < 0.0001Yes1314
C vs HTukey'sp < 0.0001Yes1314
H vs MTukey'sp>0.9999No1414
  • Comparisons of proportion of excitatory odor-evoked responses from control, mint-, and hexanal-exposed groups. Data shown in Figure 5.