Table 1.

Parameter values for simulations

Parameter nameAwakeAnesthetized
Synaptic delay (D)1.5 ms
Membrane capacitance (C)281 pF
Membrane time constant (τm)281/20 ms
Threshold (θ)−50.5 mV
Refractory period (τrp)2 ms
Equilibrium potential (EL)−60 mV−65 mV
Reset potential (Vr)−60 mV−65 mV
Excitatory synaptic efficacy (JE)0.5 mV
Relative inhibition (g)10.511
Excitatory connectivity (εE)0.1
Inhibitory connectivity (εI)0.1
Number of neurons (N)10000
Excitatory neurons (NE)8000
Cortical input rate (υE,I,ext)0.7 Hz
Cortical connectivity (ε)0.1
Thalamic rate (υE,I,pulse)1 Hz
Thalamic connectivity (ε)0.1
Thalamic duration50 ms
Trials of thalamic input100
Simulation time100 * 1050 ms