Table 4.

Summary of results from series of independent-samples t tests comparing female and male participants on the size and magnitude of category-selective activation during the visual stimulation experiment and the OGB in the magnitude of activation elicited during the identity recognition experiment within each ROI

Visual stimulation taskScanner recognition task
Female > maleOGB
    Core regions
        R p-Fus (FFA2)-0.008280.9930.809160.430-0.283150.781
        L p-Fus (FFA2)-1.612280.118-0.319160.7540.370150.717
        R m-Fus (FFA1)-1.320280.198-1.004280.3240.366280.717
        L m-Fus (FFA1)-1.005280.324-0.540280.593-0.603270.552
        R pFG (IOG)-0.618280.5420.988270.332-1.005260.324
        L pFG (IOG)-0.471280.641-0.133260.896-0.572250.573
        R OFA-0.186280.853-0.261260.7960.186270.853
        L OFA-0.035280.972-1.189250.2461.620260.117
        R STS-0.338280.738-0.598280.5541.640270.113
        L STS1.026280.3140.646260.5242.476270.020
    Extended regions
        R Amyg-0.908280.3710.933200.3620.319190.753
        L Amyg-1.004280.3241.350180.1930.754170.461
        R ATL-0.297280.7690.468230.6440.483220.634
        L ATL0.037280.9710.561140.5830.285130.781
        R PPA0.615280.5440.160250.874-1.816240.082
        L PPA1.322280.1970.028210.978-1.618210.121
        R LOC2.424280.022-1.302260.204-3.362250.002
        L LOC0.773280.446-0.365270.718-1.853260.075
  • For the visual stimulation task, face-selective activation defined for face ROIs, object-selective activation defined for object ROIs and place-selective activation defined for place ROIs. The OGB was defined relative to each participant’s sex as a difference score in the magnitude of activation in response to the male and female face recognition blocks (e.g., for a female participant female > male blocks). The t tests evaluated a difference in magnitude of this relative OGB between the two sexes. Bolded p values surpassed the FWE correction of p < 0.004. All t tests were independent-samples two-tailed tests.