Table 4.

Comparison between separation distance of maxPs evoked by sounds and internal fluctuation distance

Euclidian distance betweenF- and revF-evoked maxPs of activationInternal fluctuation, distance of maxPs evoked by repeating FComparison of
separation distance
of stimulus-evoked
maxPs to internal
fluctuation distance
Comparison of separation
distance of F-evoked and
revF-evoked maxPs
between animal groups
Animal groupCoordinate-based distanceNumber ofhemisphere
s used
Coordinate-based distanceNumber ofhemispheres
Type of testp valuesType of testp value
Trained33.6 ± 15.8129.66 ± 9.427Welch test7.09E-04Welch test0.3858
Naïve26.8 ± 21.312Welch test0.0283