Table 2.

Fearful and happy faces > control stimuli for both the UWD and control group

Talairach coordinates
HemispherexyzBrodmanntpNumber of vertices
Inferior occipital gyrusRH27–87–9186.7560.000005183
Fusiform gyrusRH35–55–13376.3210.00001133
Lingual gyrusRH8–724185.1990.00008839
Inferior occipital gyrusLH–29–84–7188.947<0.000001717
Middle frontal gyrusLH–18185364.9240.00015342
Superior frontal gyrusLH–20453196.4930.000007109
  • p < 0.01 (uncorrected) with an extended cluster size of 25. Faces are presented with a gray rectangle, and the control stimulus is a gray oval and rectangle.