Table 8.

Outcome of between-group functional connectivity analyses

Talairach coordinates
HemispherexyzBrodmanntpNumber of vertices
Fearful versus happy bodies regardless of the facial information
    Seed: Inferior parietal lobule
        UWD > controls
            Subgenual anterior cingulateRH8351244.9740.00016750
    Seed: Fusiform gyrus
        UWD > controls
            Anterior inferior parietal lobule*LH–54–4325404.9260.00018351
Incongruent versus congruent face body compounds
    Seed: Medial orbitofrontal cortex
        Controls > UWD
            Posterior inferior parietal lobuleRH40–61427–4.6480.00031658
    Seed: Ventromedial prefrontal cortex
        UWD > controls
    Seed: Dorsal medial prefrontal cortex
        UWD > controls
            Ventromedial prefrontal cortexLH–65212105.5090.00006029
        Controls > UWD
            Superior temporal gyrusLH–4720322–5.9860.000025108
            Temporal poleLH–408–2538–4.4860.00043543
    Seed: Right temporal pole
        UWD > controls
            Inferior temporal gyrusRH55–22–17205.5640.00005455
            Middle temporal gyrusRH60–25–2214.6540.00031288
            Middle temporal gyrusLH–54–36–1224.0760.00099437
    Seed: Left temporal pole
        Controls > UWD
            Medial orbitofrontal cortexRH1141–1211–5.3560.00008036
            Superior frontal gyrusRH1926526–5.4750.00006438
  • * Did not survive cluster-size correction.