Table 7.

Outcome of main between-group functional activation analyses

Talairach coordinates
HemispherexyzBrodmanntpNumber of vertices
Fearful versus happy bodies regardless of the facial information
    UWD > controls
        Anterior inferior parietal lobuleRH54–2932404.6060.00034393
    Controls > UWD
        Fusiform gyrusLH–41–69–1219–4.7310.00026833
Incongruent versus congruent face body compounds
    UWD > Controls
        Medial orbitofrontal cortexRH1445–12114.7240.00027152
        Ventromedial prefrontal cortexRH95610104.4740.00044651
        Dorsal medial prefrontal cortexRH10382994.6410.00032042
    Controls > UWD
        Temporal poleRH40–4–3121–4.4860.00043577
        Temporal poleLH–336–2038–4.4300.000487110
  • All clusters survive cluster-size correction except the anterior inferior parietal lobule and fusiform gyrus.