Table 1:

Quantification of the observed anti-CDNF IR patterns at 2 h postinfusion from sections costained with antibodies to CDNF and NeuN

PunctateWeak diffuse (cytoplasmic)Strong diffuse
Strong (peripheral)
Cortex (70–130 cells scored per animal)96.1 ± 3.4%22.9 ± 13.3%NQ3.2 ± 2.0%
Caudate/putamen (69–107 cells scored per animal)95.7 ± 3.7%19.3 ± 8.2%NQ3.3 ± 1.7%
  • Randomly selected NeuN-positive cells in the caudate/putamen and cortex of the rhCDNF-infused hemisphere from four rats were scored on the basis of their anti-CDNF IR pattern. The number of cells matching the classification criteria is presented as a percentage of the total number of NeuN-positive cells scored (mean ± SD is shown, n = 4). NQ, Not quantified.