Table 1:

Quality assurance and motion scrubbing

ParametersMigraineControl subjectsp value
Mean movement (mm)0.095 (0.05)0.079 (0.04)0.131
Number of movements10.85 (5.8)10.75 (4.2)0.931
Total movement (mm)1.484 (1.6)0.997 (0.7)0.097
Total rotation (degrees)0.025 (0.02)0.018 (0.01)0.151
  • Data show the mean (±SD) with associated p value following two-tailed t test. Mean movement, Average change in position between TRs; number of movements, number of motion spikes in the timeseries; total movement, maximum difference in position in millimeters; total rotation, maximum difference in rotation in degrees.