Table 3.

Rate of different types of mechanical sensitization responses in Aδ and C meningeal afferents following CSD

GroupTH onlySTH onlyTH + STH
CSD2/9 (11)1/14 (7)2/9 (22)2/14 (14)3/9 (30)7/14 (50)
Control0/5 (0)1/7 (8)0/5 (0)0/7 (0)0/5 (0)0/7 (0)
  • Data show rate (% of responses). Sensitization at the TH and STH levels were determined according to the calculation described in the Methods. Two-tailed χ2 tests revealed no significant differences in the rate of the sensitization responses exhibited by the Aδ and C-unit populations.