Table 5.

Results of model searches in intrinsic conductance parameters

Target# Goodrg (%)R2p
5/19A65613.130.783.01 × 10−235
5/19B3476.940.532.99 × 10−62
5/20B1402.810.842.91 × 10−61
5/22B*1221.190.868.40 × 10−54
5/26A1993.990.812.20 × 10−75
5/27B4619.230.502.79 × 10−76
  • To avoid overfitting, searches were divided into separate batches, each starting from random initial conditions. For each animal, five batches of searches were executed with 1000 model instance evaluations in each. rg is the ratio of good (functional) models to all evaluated models. *5/22B was searched with five batches of 2000 evaluations. Linear regression was applied to check for correlation between K2 and P channel conductances, for which statistics are presented (R 2 and p values).