Table 1:

Abbreviations of brain areas

A1Primary auditory cortex (57,74)CldCapsule of the nucleus lateralis dorsalis
A2Secondary auditory cortex (33,64)CnMdNucleus centrum medianum thalami
AmygAmygdala (151,135)CsNucleus centralis superior thalami
CCaGyrus cinguli anterior (54,49)CslNucleus centralis superior lateralis thalami
CCpGyrus cinguli posterior (167,179)GLNucleus geniculatus lateralis thalami
CCrGyrus cinguli retrosplenialis (68,67)GMNucleus geniculatus medialis thalami
CCsGyrus cinguli subgenualis (29,42)GMpcNucleus geniculatus medialis thalami, pars parvocellularis
FEFFrontal eye field (104,161)ILIntralaminar nuclei of the thalamus
GGustatory cortex (52,42)LDLaterodorsal nucleus (thalamus)
HCHippocampal cortex (75,54)LiNucleus limitans thalami
IaAnterior insula (48,71)LPNucleus lateralis posterior thalami
IpPosterior insula (82,111)MDNucleus medialis dorsalis thalami
M1Primary motor area (463,460)MDdcNucleus medialis dorsalis thalami, pars densocellularis
PCiInferior parietal cortex (454,371)MDmcNucleus medialis dorsalis thalami, pars magnocellularis
PCipCortex of the intraparietal sulcus (355,486)MDmfNucleus medialis dorsalis thalami, pars multiformis
PCmMedial parietal cortex (196,241)MDpcNucleus medialis dorsalis thalami, pars parvocellularis
PCsSuperior parietal cortex (199,177)MLMidline nuclei of the thalamus
PFCclCentrolateral prefrontal cortex (328,227)PaNucleus paraventricularis thalami
PFCdlDorsolateral prefrontal cortex (248,216)PacNucleus paraventricularis caudalis thalami
PFCdmDorsomedial prefrontal cortex (211,270)PcnNucleus paracentralis thalami
PFCmMedial prefrontal cortex (61,68)PfNucleus parafascicularis thalami
PFCorbOrbital prefrontal cortex (310,265)PTNucleus parataenialis thalami
PFCpolPole of prefrontal cortex (279,279)PulNucleus pulvinaris thalami
PFCvlVentrolateral prefrontal cortex (380,479)Pul.iNucleus pulvinaris inferior thalami
PHCParahippocampal cortex (267,212)lPul.lNucleus pulvinaris lateralis thalami
PMCdlDorsolateral premotor cortex (108,138)Pul.mNucleus pulvinaris medialis thalami
PMCmMedial premotor cortex (149,68)Pul.oNucleus pulvinaris oralis thalami
PMCvlVentrolateral premotor cortex (126,138)RNucleus reticularis thalami
S1Primary somatosensory cortex (487,420)ReNucleus reuniens thalami
S2Secondary somatosensory cortex (107,116)SGNucleus suprageniculatus thalami
TCcCentral temporal cortex (436,422)Teg.aNucleus tegmentalis anterior
TCiInferior temporal cortex (390,306)VAventral anterior nucleus (thalamus)
TCpolPole of temporal cortex (91,101)VAmcNucleus ventralis anterior thalami, pars magnocellularis
TCsSuperior temporal cortex (306,352)VApcNucleus ventralis anterior thalami, pars parvocellularis
TCvVentral temporal cortex (260,317)VLventral lateral nucleus (thalamus)
V1Visual area 1 (147,180)VLcNucleus ventralis lateralis thalami, pars caudalis
V2Secondary visual cortex (683,663)VLmNucleus ventralis lateralis thalami, pars medialis
VLoNucleus ventralis lateralis thalami, pars oralis
ADNucleus anterior dorsalis thalamiVLpsNucleus ventralis lateralis thalami, pars postrema
AMNucleus anterior medialis thalamiVPNucleus ventralis posterior
ANAnterior nuclei of the thalamusVPINucleus ventralis posterior inferior thalami
AVNucleus anterior ventralis thalamiVPLAentral posterior lateral nucleus (thalamus)
CaudNucleus caudatusVPLcNucleus ventralis posterior lateralis thalami, pars caudalis
CdcNucleus centralis densocellularis thalamiVPLoNucleus ventralis posterior lateralis thalami, pars oralis
CifNucleus centralis inferior thalamiVPMNucleus ventralis posterior medialis thalami
CimNucleus centralis intermedialis thalamiVPMpcNucleus ventralis posterior medialis, pars parvocellularis
ClNucleus centralis lateralis thalamiXArea X (thalamus)
ClauClaustrumClcNucleus centralis latocellularis thalami
  • Number of nodes per cortical areas in brackets (left, right).