Table 7:

Descriptive overview of the eye-tracking task variables

Total fixations, win domain447.9065.2329.3212.726
Total fixations, loss domain447.5061.1728.9411.720
Df win domain: [f(v) − f(p)]44−9.1312.202.514.959
Df loss domain: [f(v) − f(p)]44−7.7711.072.734.521
Df high risk, win domain: [f(h) − f(l)]44−5.002.07−0.351.395
Df high risk, loss domain: [f(h) − f(l)]44−3.974.370.341.495
Percentage of high-risk choices, win domain4426.67100.0066.5920.466
Percentage of high-risk choices, loss domain4430.00100.0077.2718.584
Average reaction time, all trials443.0217.998.513.544
Average reaction time, win domain442.9221.638.683.935
Average reaction time, win domain, high-risk choices442.9222.688.743.958
Average reaction time, win domain, low-risk choices413.2319.768.964.058
Average reaction time, loss domain443.1216.388.563.471
Average reaction time, loss domain, high-risk choices443.1215.598.373.363
Average reaction time, loss domain, low-risk choices443.5738.2010.336.309