Table 2:

Characteristics of KA-induced seizures in WT and calpain-1 KO mice

WTCalpain-1 KO
Latency to first seizures (s)2107 ± 2982063 ± 207
Duration of first seizures (s)568 ± 83611 ± 91
Cumulative duration of stage 3–5 seizures (s)1603 ± 241646 ± 34
  • WT and calpain-1 KO mice were injected with KA, as described in Materials and Methods, and the animals were videotaped for 1 h after the last injection. Videos were analyzed for quantifying (1) latency to first seizures, (2) duration of the first seizure bout, and (3) cumulative duration of stage 3–5 seizures. Results are reported as the means ± SEM of six to seven animals.