Table 2:

Animal usage breakdown by cohort, experiment, species, diets, and days on the respective diets

CohortExperimentSpeciesDietsDiet length (d)
1Chronic deficiency, body weight, FIMouse, n = 10,10HF, HF-D116
(1)Chronic deficiency, plasmaMouse, n = 5, 5HF, HF-D165
2Chronic deficiency, body Weight, FIMouse, n = 5, 5Ch, Ch-D127
3Chronic deficiency, body weight, serumMouse, n = 5, 5HF, HF-D50
4Chronic deficiency, body weight, serumMouse, n = 5, 5Ch, Ch-D50
5DIO, acute calcitriol, leptin, body weight, FIMouse, n = 8, 8HF30
6Acute calcitriol, CPAMouse, n = 8, 8Std Chow∼63
7qPCR analysisMouse, n = 5, 5Std Chow∼63
8MicrodialysisMouse, n = 6, 6Std Chow∼63
9FSCVRat, n = 9, 11Std Chown/a
10Chronic deficiency, amph locomotorMouse, n = 5, 5HF, HF-D166
(10)Chronic deficiency, amph lickingMouse, n = 5, 5HF, HF-D200
11Chronic deficiency, amph locomotorMouse, n = 4, 4Ch, Ch-D163
12Acute calcitriol, amph locomotorMouse, n = 8, 8Std Chow∼63
13Acute calcitriol, amph lickingMouse, n = 12, 12Std Chow∼63
  • amph, Amphetamine; FI, food intake; Std, standard.