Table 3:

USV call type statistical analyses

Data structureDependent variableComparisonType of testExact p valuePower
m1Normal distributionComplex callsMain effect of ageThree-way ANOVA0.13490.304
m2Normal distribution(Number)Main effect of genotypeThree-way ANOVA0.02580.676
m3Normal distributionHom vs WTFisher's PLSD0.03030.594
m4Normal distributionHom vs HetFisher's PLSD0.01160.796
m5Normal distributionMain effect of genotype, P34Two-way ANOVA0.16030.366
m6Normal distributionMain effect of genotype, P44Two-way ANOVA0.15870.367
n1Normal distributionUpward-ramp callsMain effect of ageThree-way ANOVA0.00280.875
n2Normal distribution(Number)Main effect of genotype, P34Two-way ANOVA0.01850.725
n3Normal distributionHom vs WT, P34Fisher's PLSD0.01120.724
n4Normal distributionHom vs Het, P34Fisher's PLSD0.01630.755
n5Normal distributionMain effect of genotype, P44Two-way ANOVA0.63220.120
o1Normal distributionFlat callsMain effect of ageThree-way ANOVA0.84190.054
o2Normal distribution(Number)Main effect of genotype, P34Two-way ANOVA0.02700.673
o3Normal distributionHom vs WT, P34Fisher's PLSD0.05740.520
o4Normal distributionHom vs Het, P34Fisher's PLSD0.00560.832
o5Normal distributionMain effect of genotype, P44Two-way ANOVA0.55380.141
p1Normal distributionStep-up callsMain effect of ageThree-way ANOVA0.03550.549
p2Normal distribution(Number)Main effect of genotype, P34Two-way ANOVA0.00580.850
p3Normal distributionHom vs WT, P34Fisher's PLSD0.00840.857
p4Normal distributionHom vs Het, P34Fisher's PLSD0.00220.918
p5Normal distributionMain effect of genotype, P44Two-way ANOVA0.05430.562
q1Non-normal distributionTrillsMain effect of ageThree-way ANOVA, M-W0.0144 (ANOVA), 0.0025 (M-W)0.694
q2Non-normal distribution(Number)Main effect of sexThree-way ANOVA, K-W0.0046 (ANOVA), <0.0001 (K-W)0.830
q3Normal distributionMain effect of genotype, P34Two-way ANOVA0.00920.807
q4Normal distributionHom vs WT, P34Fisher's PLSD0.09780.789
q5Normal distributionHom vs Het, P34Fisher's PLSD0.00450.746
q6Normal distributionMain effect of genotype, P44Two-way ANOVA0.00090.954
q7Normal distributionHom vs WT, P44Fisher's PLSD0.03000.887
q8Normal distributionHom vs Het, P44Fisher's PLSD0.00050.923
r1Normal distributionComplex callsMain effect of genotypeThree-way ANOVA0.01420.754
r2Normal distribution(Int. Freq.)Hom vs WTFisher's PLSD0.10430.414
r3Normal distributionHom vs HetFisher's PLSD0.00530.703
r4Normal distributionMain effect of ageThree-way ANOVA<0.00010.999
r5Normal distributionage x sexThree-way ANOVA0.94310.059
s1Normal distributionUpward-ramp callsMain effect of genotypeThree-way ANOVA0.00020.986
s2Normal distribution(Int. Freq.)Hom vs WTFisher's PLSD0.00070.936
s3Normal distributionHom vs HetFisher's PLSD<0.00010.990
s4Normal distributionMain effect of ageThree-way ANOVA<0.00010.994
s5Normal distributionage x sexThree-way ANOVA0.69400.106
t1Normal distributionFlat callsMain effect of genotypeThree-way ANOVA0.00200.916
t2Normal distribution(Int. Freq.)Hom vs WTFisher's PLSD0.00220.930
t3Normal distributionHom vs HetFisher's PLSD0.00140.825
t4Normal distributionMain effect of ageThree-way ANOVA<0.00010.999
t5Normal distributionage x sexThree-way ANOVA0.82550.079
u1Normal distributionStep-up callsMain effect of genotypeThree-way ANOVA0.01860.721
u2Normal distribution(Int. Freq.)Hom vs WTFisher's PLSD0.04160.531
u3Normal distributionHom vs HetFisher's PLSD0.00660.706
u4Normal distributionMain effect of ageThree-way ANOVA0.04160.521
u5Normal distributionage x sexThree-way ANOVA0.05880.548
v1Normal distributionTrillsMain effect of genotypeThree-way ANOVA0.24520.288
v2Normal distribution(Int. Freq.)Main effect of ageThree-way ANOVA0.18010.252
w1Normal distributionStep-up callsMain effect of genotype, P44Two-way ANOVA0.00260.908
w2Normal distribution(Dur.)Hom vs WT, P44Fisher's PLSD0.01950.592
w3Normal distributionHom vs Het, P44Fisher's PLSD0.00060.947
w4Normal distributionMain effect of ageThree-way ANOVA0.24800.198
x1Normal distributionTrillsMain effect of genotype, P44Two-way ANOVA0.00900.810
x2Normal distribution(Dur.)Hom vs WT, P44Fisher's PLSD0.00400.799
x3Normal distributionHet vs WT, P44Fisher's PLSD0.01570.659
x4Normal distributionHom vs Het, P44Fisher's PLSD0.26320.213
x5Normal distributionMain effect of ageThree-way ANOVA0.10100.357
y1Normal distributionComplex calls (Dur.)Main effect of ageThree-way ANOVA0.02100.638
z1Normal distributionUpward-ramp calls (Dur.)Main effect of ageThree-way ANOVA0.00780.775
aa1Normal distributionFlat calls (Dur.)Main effect of ageThree-way ANOVA0.00360.854
  • K-W, Kruskal–Wallis test; M-W, Mann–Whitney U test.