Table 1:

Details of trauma and nontrauma control cases

Details of 27 trauma and 10 control cases
CaseAgeSexCause of injuryPMI, hCause of deathSurvival time
151MMotor vehicle accident60Brain + multiple injuries<17 min
263MHousehold accident70Brain injury<17 min
327MSuicide84Brain + multiple injuries<17 min
441MSuicide96Brain + multiple injuries<17 min
557FMotor vehicle accident87Brain + multiple injuries<17 min
649MMotor vehicle accident107Brain + multiple injuries<17 min
745MMotor vehicle accident43Brain + multiple injuries<17 min
821MMotor vehicle accident100Brain injury<17 min
941.3MAviation accident114Brain + multiple injuries<17 min
1057.6FMotor vehicle accident97Brain injury<17 min
1116.8MMotor vehicle accident85Brain + multiple injuries<3 h
1278.7MHousehold accident45Brain injury<3 h
1318.3MMotor vehicle accident79Brain + multiple injuries<3 h
1434.7MMotorbike accident66Brain + multiple injuries<3 h
1522.9FMotor vehicle accident108Brain + multiple injuries<3 h
1652.8MMotorbike accident65Brain + multiple injuries<3 h
1719.6MSuicide33Brain + multiple injuries<3 h
1859.8MMotor vehicle accident71Brain + multiple injuries<3 h
1946.0MFall129Brain injury6 h
2056.3MMotor vehicle accident65Brain injury8 h
2164.6MFall61Brain injury8 h
2275.9MStaircase fall89Brain injury10 h
2359.6FMotor vehicle accident80Brain injury35 h
2461.7MFall40Brain injury93 h
2538.9FStaircase fall101Brain injury122 h
2670.9MMotor vehicle accident114Brain injury76 h
2773.7MFall91Brain injury29 h
2816MSuicide by hanging
2948.7M50Cardiac failure
3259.6M43Pulmonary embolism
3364.1M24Ischaemic heart disease
3564.4M24Pulmonary embolism
3677.5M53Myocardial infarction
3760F48Myocardial infarction
  • Cases 1–10: cases with a survival time between 0 and 17 mins; Cases 11–18: cases with a survival time between 30 min and 3 h; Cases 19–27: cases with a survival time between 6 and 261 h; Cases 28–37: control cases. All brains were obtained at autopsy. PMI, Postmortem interval (time between death and brain retrieval); M, male; F, female.