Table 1.

Summary information for manuscripts included in the meta-analysis

First authorControl sample sizeDyslexic sample sizeCoordinate spaceMean age dyslexia casesGender ratio M/FStatistical significance
Brambati et al., 20041110Talairach31.6470.006
Brown et al., 20011416Talairach24.5300.05
Eckert et al., 20051313MNI11.41000.001
Jednoróg et al., 20133546MNI10.3480.00004
Kronbichler et al., 20081513MNI15.91000.004
Menghini et al., 20081010MNI40.710^0.005
Raschle et al., 20111010MNI5.9500.0002
Silani et al., 20053232Talairach∼24.41000.009
Steinbrink et al., 200888MNI20.175^0.05 FDR
Tamboer et al., 20153757MNI20.67^0.05
Vinckenbosch et al., 20051410Talairach17–301000.0006
  • Thresholds are reported as uncorrected thresholds based on the reported t or Z-scores, except for ^ three studies for which only the statistical threshold was reported. Ages were rounded or ∼ estimated from the mean age of multiple groups or reported as a range if mean ages were not provided.