Table 1.

Statistical table: results of two-way repeated-measures ANOVA for datasets of phase and amplitude in PMT recordings (Figs. 1C,D, 2C,D), and datasets of phase spread and amplitude in EM-CCD camera recordings (Fig. 3C,D)

Interaction effect [age × cycle (time)]
F valueP-valueFigure
aPhase in LDF(4,32) = 0.1410.966 1C
bAmplitude in LDF(4,32) = 2.0450.112 1D
cPhase in DDF(4,32) = 11.328<0.001 2C
dAmplitude in DDF(4,32) = 12.377<0.001 2D
ePhase spread in cameraF(71,710) = 3.968<0.001 3C
fAmplitude in cameraF(71,710) = 0.9970.488 3D