Table 1

Model parameters

CN/brainstem parameters (all simulations)
    τex (ms)0.5
    τinh (ms)2
    D (ms)1
IC model parameters
Bandpass model Fig. 3A Fig. 3B Fig. 3C
    τBPex (ms)20.75
    τBPinh (ms)60.710
    DBP (ms)21.42
Low-pass/band-reject model Fig. 3A Fig. 3B Fig. 3C
    τLPBRex (ms)20.75
    τLPBRinh (ms)555
    DLPBR (ms)
  • A single set of parameters was specified for the CN/brainstem level of the model. Three sets of parameters were used for the IC models, illustrated in Figure 3, which had BMFs of 45 Hz (left), 125 Hz (middle), and 16 Hz (right). The model parameters for other figures were the same as those for Figure 3B, which had a BMF near F0 for most of the vowels used as stimuli.