Table 4.

Summary of significant correlations between whole-brain resting-state functional connectivity and migraine disease characteristics

DiseasecharacteristicsSeedRegionClustersizeMNI coordinatest value clusterp value cluster+/−corr
Disease durationL aINSR Caudate13361464.120.036
L PPC488−52−56506.32<0.001
L MTG213−48−24−105.580.010
L SFG139−1638585.660.032
L mPFC1578−242−145.31<0.001
L PCCR Pons1814−30−386.630.014+
aMCCR mPFC133634−164.950.048
Attack frequencyL aINSL ITG131−3414−325.820.038
L Hippocampus121−32−4425.260.045+
L PCCL PPC1360−40665.930.028
aMCCL MTG148−52−4−345.270.038
Pain intensityL PCCR V210554−68224.210.049+
R Fornix17020−40266.240.016
L PPC399−36−38307.200.001+
aMCCR aINS2693212109.190.038+
  • PPC; Posterior parietal cortex; SFG, superior frontal gyrus; STG, superior temporal gyrus. +/− corr denotes positive or negative correlation. Other abbreviations are as defined in the text.