Table 6.

Summary of the data from the studies of the pattern of synaptic distribution

Human TECStriate cortex (area 17) of the monkey1Visual cortex of the adult cat2Somatosensory cortex of the adult rat (P60)3
Layer IILayer II−IIIAll layersLayer IIAll layersAll layers
AS on spines55.2%54.9%53.0%71.2%66.4%73.0%
AS on dendritic shafts37.4%27.7%30.0%13.3%17.6%12.9%
SS on dendritic shafts6.7%11.4%11.9%10.8%10.6%9.3%
SS on spines0.61%6.0%5.1%4.7%5.3%4.8%
  • Data are given as percentages. Data were taken from: 1Beaulieu et al., 1992; 2Beaulieu and Colonnier (1985); 3Micheva and Beaulieu (1996).