Table 1.

Clinical and neuropathological information

PatientGenderAge (years)Cause of deathPostmortem delay (h)Braak stageCERAD stageNeuropsychological diagnosis
AB1Male45Lung cancer<1NANANA
AB2Female53Pulmonary shock4NANANA
IF10Male66Bronchopneumonia plus cardiac failure2NANANA
M16Male40Traffic accident3NANANA
IF1Female802IVBNo evidence of cognitive impairment and dementia
IF2Female94Pulmonary tuberculosis1.5VCDementia
IF6Male85Pneumonia2IIIAMild cognitive impairment
VK11Female87Respiratory inflammation1.5III−IVADementia
  • Braak Stages (Braak and Braak, 1991): III (NFTs in entorhinal cortex and closely related areas); III-IV (NFTs abundant in amygdala and hippocampus. Extending slightly into association cortex); V-VI (NFTs widely distributed throughout the neocortex and ultimately involving primary motor and sensory areas). CERAD Stages (Mirra et al., 1991): A (Low density of neuritic plaques); B (Intermediate density of neuritic plaques); C (High density of neuritic plaques). NA: Not applicable; NFTs: neurofibrillary tangles. – : Not available.