Table 1.

Statistical tests summary

Hypothesis tested, Bayesian probability of group on left being >= column heading (see Materials and Methods, Hypothesis testing with bootstrap)
Groups comparedZeroLesioned +1 semitone shiftLesioned –1 semitone shift
Lesioned 0 shift0.00290.910.62
Lesioned +1 semitone shift0.00400.26
Lesioned –1 semitone shift0.0747
  • Results of statistical tests for ±1 semitone shift and 0 shift lesioned groups. The probabilities for each hypothesis are reported by testing the probability of the group on the left being greater than or equal to the various column headings. Blank spaces represent tests that either do not make sense to make or have been reported on another row. The probabilities that are statistically significant at α = 0.05 are depicted in bold.