Table 1.

Comparisons of patients off medication versus on medications

Frequency rangeMetricTest statistic (signed rank)p value (FDR corrected)Effect size (d)
μ/α (8–12 Hz)Sharpness ratio200.023 (0.0278)0.70
Steepness ratio120.006 (0.0121)0.60
PAC300.088 (0.0881)0.51
β (13–30 Hz)Sharpness ratio120.006 (0.0121)0.86
Steepness ratio90.004 (0.0121)0.68
PAC150.011 (0.0166)0.83
  • Values are shown for both μ/α and β based on a priori hypotheses (β) and the average power spectral density plots (μ/α and β; Fig. 1C). Multiple comparisons correction (FDR) is applied including correction for all comparisons in the table.