Table 3.

Selected correlations between tSPN parameters

Membrane properties
    Rinτm0.840.70346.2 × 10−10*
    Calculated IrheoMeasured Irheo0.820.68342.0 × 10−9*
    Calculated IrheoVhold−0.180.03340.30
    Calculated Irheogin (Rin –1)0.850.72343.0 × 10−10*
    Calculated Irheoτm –10.720.52341.5 × 10−6*
    Calculated IrheoCm0.060.00340.73
Firing frequency
    ƒmax at 100 pARin0.580.33300.00086*
    ƒsus at 100 pARin0.210.05260.29
    ƒmax-I slopeRin0.360.13340.039
    ƒmax-I slopeCalculated Irheo−0.510.26340.0023
    ƒmax-I slopeτm0.140.02340.43
    ƒmax-I slopeCm−0.310.10340.073
    ƒsus-I slopeRin0.290.09320.10
    ƒsus-I slopeCalculated Irheo−0.240.06320.19
    ƒsus-I slopeτm0.260.07320.15
    ƒsus-I slopeCm−0.070.00320.70
    fAHP half-decayfAHP duration0.840.70243.0 × 10−7*
    fAHP half-decayRin0.340.12240.10
    fAHP half-decayCm0.150.02240.47
    fAHP half-decayτm0.430.18240.036
    fAHP half-decayCalculated Irheo−0.360.13240.083
    fAHP half-decayƒmax at 2·Imin−0.660.43190.0022
    fAHP half-decayƒsus at 2·Imin−0.420.18120.17
    fAHP half-decayƒmax-I slope−0.020.00240.92
    fAHP half-decayƒsus-I slope0.450.20220.037
    fAHP half-decaysAHP half-decay−0.380.14190.11
    sAHP half-decaySRA ratio0.650.42270.00027*
  • Selected correlations reported in results. r, Pearson’s correlation coefficient; R 2, coefficient of determination; n, number of observations; p values calculated from two-tailed t test. Asterisk indicates statistically significant correlation at Šidák corrected α < 0.0017. Rin, input resistance; τm, membrane time constant; Cm, membrane capacitance; Irheo, rheobase current; Vhold, holding voltage; gin, input conductance; Vth, threshold voltage; ƒmax, maximal IFR; ƒsus, sustained firing rate; Imin, minimal suprathreshold current.