Table 4.

Summary of the effects of MIA on female offspring alongside the male offspring from the same cohort in a previously published companion paper (Lins et al., 2018)

Behavior testMalesFemales
MK-801 locomotion↑ 47.72%n.d.
Sociability↓ 22.97% (n.s.)↓ 21.13%
Tactile memory--
Visual memory↓ 90.33%↓ 87.87%
Crossmodal memory↓ 93.71%-
Oddity preference↓ 31.57%↓ 18.69%
  • ↑, heightened response or facilitation; ↓, diminished response or impaired performance in comparison to a control group; –, no significant change compared to controls; n.d., not determined. Percentage change was calculated as a comparison to the equivalent control group [(saline – polyI:C/saline) × 100]. Male locomotor data were calculated from the total distance traveled after MK-801 administration. For consistency, both male and female sociability percentage change was calculated using the DR data, although it should be noted the DR was a non-significant (n.s.) effect in the males and they instead spent significantly less time (s) exploring the social stimulus than controls.