Table 1.

Summary of dams’ treatment, adverse events and litter data

TreatmentTotal dams treatedDams euthanizedDams w/no litterLitters includedViable offspring
Saline1802 (+1 no ♀)1511.94 ± 0.76
PolyI:C2580 (+1 no ♀)1612.00 ± 0.81
  • Eight dams were killed within 48 h of polyI:C administration because they developed low body temperature and showed sickness behaviors beyond what is acceptable as outlined in our humane intervention protocol. One litter per treatment included male, but no female offspring, resulting in exclusion from the final count of litters included in this manuscript. The two saline-treated control dams that did not produce litters showed no evidence of pregnancy. Viable offspring count per dam includes all surviving offspring of both sexes present on PND1 before culling to a maximum of 10, excludes dams that did not give birth, and is presented as mean ± SEM. All additional data presented on the dams only includes those that produced viable offspring.