Table 5:

Estimates of fixed effects in LMM 3

ROIβSEp95% CIβ´SEAdjusted p95% CIβ´SEAdjusted p95% CI
WM0.60.050<0.000010.5-0.7−−0.2 to 0.04−0.250.06<0.00001−0.4 to −0.13
Thalamus0.060.007<0.000010.04-0.07−0.020.01<0.01−0.4 to −0.01−0.030.01<0.00001−0.05 to −0.02
  • The table includes the results obtained with the LMM 3.1 with random intercept and fixed effect of age, group, and their interaction on V of the ROIs. β´ = βNHD or HD-βCTR. The rate of volume change is expressed as milliliters per year. Average estimated age-dependent growth trajectories obtained in the NHD and HD groups were compared with those of the CTR group, with t test and p values adjusted accordingly.