Table 5.

Logistic regression predicting nonacademic research versus science-related, nonresearch positions

Independent variablesUnstd. coeff.Adj. sig.Odds ratioEffect sizeInverse odds ratio
T1 minus T2 interest change in nonacademic research0.89***2.44(S)
Career goal changed? No, still is research-based3.35***28.37(L)
  • Results of logistic regression predicting whether respondents were in nonacademic research positions or science-related, nonresearch positions. Full equation statistics: n = 284; accuracy = 84%; AIC = 240.32; likelihood ratio test χ2 = 158.48; and p = 0.0000. Unstd. coeff., unstandardized coefficient; Adj. sig., FDR-adjusted significance. Effect sizes are labeled when they reach at least “small” size. S, small effect size; L, large effect size.

  • *** p < 0.001.