Table 6.

Contingency table analysis of current position by how participants found current position

What was the primary way you found your current position?Current positionTotal (for row)Sig. of follow-up χ2
Research-focused academicTeaching-focused academicNonacademic researchScience-related, nonresearch
Contacted by employer/recruiter 133%  11% 108%  85%324%n.s.
Former advisor/supervisor 61115%  222%  927%  725%7910%***
Job posting130133% 64263% 45134% 53135%29237%***
Previous position at same organization 83121%  525%  625%  926%10313%***
Professional networking (not advisor) 76119% 28328% 56242% 57238%21728%***
Other 338%  11%  86% 1611%587%Not performed
Total (for column)396100%101100%134100%150100%781100%***
  • Results of contingency table analysis relating respondents’ current positions and how they found their current positions. Rows show the distribution of people in current positions who found their positions through the primary method listed. Full table statistics: Monte Carlo simulated chi-square test of independence (2,000 runs) = 123.01 and simulated p = 0.0005. The total (for row) column provides the overall distribution of ways participants found their current position. Superscripts show row groups that had similar (not significantly different) rates. %Col, column percentages; Sig. of follow-up χ2 indicates FDR-adjusted significance of χ2 for that row. Superscripts represent groups (by row) that are significantly different at an FDR-corrected p value of 0.05 or lower.

  • *** p < 0.001.